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These organic clothing companies make up our CATA Affiliate Resource.  As we continue to grow more companies will be added.


Members receive exclusive discounts on every purchase they make from these companies for one full year.  Products are available for the entire family including infant/children, women and men's apparel.  Items such as underwear, socks, sleepwear, lounge, play clothes, casual attire, business dress, accessories, yoga, bridal and more can be found at these retailers.  

Each company has a unique story to tell.  They conduct business through integrity and exercise consciousness in raw material sourcing and manufacturing practices.  Some offer fair trade while others source only in the USA.  For example: Fed by Thread provides twelve meals for the hungry, Indigenous Fair Trade Organic ensures artisans around the world are paid fair living wages for the products they sell (affording creators of their fashion the ability to work in dignity and support their families),  Foxfibre is the mother of organic color grown cotton and a major contributor to The Fiber Shed Project  in California (putting creators in the community to work supporting farm to finished goods).  Silver Needle & Thread donates all their fabric scraps to Re-threaded a local non-profit created to move women out of sex trade trafficking.  Small companies working to bring a new perspective to fashion retail.  Are you ready to do your part to help support our efforts?  

First:      Become A Member
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Fourth:  Improve the quality of your health by elimination the chemicals in your clothes.
Fifth:     Contribute to the sustainability of our environment.
Sixth:     Help reduce climate change. 

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