Thursday, April 30, 2015

Organic Clothing: Explained by Funny Man John Oliver

John Oliver Explains 
Why Conventional Fashion is So BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you don't think the fashion industry is a threat to our sustainability .......
Laugh at This!

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CATA Has New Organic Bedding Affiliate: Mountain Air Organic Beds

Mountain Air Organic Beds 
offers organic and natural fibre bedding 
that's high quality, stylish and affordable.   


CATA is pleased to announce a new affiliate offering organic bedding.  Mountain Air Organic Beds is located in Springdale, AR and owned by Joyce Robertson.  Below are some facts and data you should know about organic bedding.

What Is A Organic Mattress?
Our organic mattresses are made entirely by mother nature.  Organic is a term that can be loosely thrown around, this is why we go to great lengths to provide organic certificates and make all our products the purest way possible. 

Our ingredient list...
100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton for our fabric 
100%  Wool for our batting
100% All Natural and Organic Latex Rubber for our mattress core
That's it!  

Mountain Air Organic Beds mattresses are unique.  They have a zipper casing to make it completely transparent.  Nothing hidden in your mattress.  No toxic chemicals, no cheap polyurethane foams, no chemical flame retardants.

Our mattresses are grown and tapped from mother nature, no trees are cut down, no pesticides are sprayed on the cotton, and sheep continue to make wool because we all need hair cuts right?   So... your mattress goes on to make more mattresses and remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. 

Mountain Air Organic Beds' mattresses aren't like traditional, solid-slab mattresses (which sometimes feel like a solid slab of rock, after all). Each Mountain Air Organic Beds mattress contains 3-4 layers of all-natural latex available in three levels of firmness - soft, medium and firm. Choose any combination for the custom level of comfort you need. Best of all, our split-level design gives you an individual sleep surface on each side, so you'll never have to argue about how firm of a bed to buy.

Some Examples of Organic Pillows

Organic Silk Pillows:
  • Silk stuffed in an organic cotton casing
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Protect your pillow with an organic cotton casing
  • Silk contains 18 essential amino acids good for skin and hair

Shredded Rubber Pillows:

  • All-natural latex, free of synthetics

  • No polyurethane, petroleum or chemical flame retardants

  • 100% organic cotton casing

  • Come into our store and fill it yourself to the desired height

  • Available in high, medium or low loft


Organic Wool Pillows:
  • 100% organic wool in a 100% organic cotton casing
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Dust mite resistant
  • Protect your pillow with an organic cotton pillowcase

Friday, April 24, 2015

CATA Supports Fashion Revolution Day- Do You Know Who Made Your Clothes?

Who Made Your Clothes..Take a Selfie, send to us and we will add you to the album. 

On April 24, 2013 --1,133 people died (since that time more have died) and 2,500 were severely injured when the garment factory they were working in collapsed in Bangladesh. Many of the 2,500 survivors are without arms and legs with NO social support programs from the retailers involved or the country of India to help them. 

This happened because consumers (we) want t-shirts and clothes for $5 dollars. Someone does pay the price. Question is WHO? Are you mindful and conscious of who made your clothes? Do you know how they are made? Where they come from? What it takes to make them? 

Consumers Against Toxic Apparel believes you should know, act and be part of the solution for a safe work environment, fair living wages, no child slavery, and sustainable fashion. Email your selfie to, @cataorganic or post on facebook page we will share. Help us build this album to honor those who died for the sake of fashion....

By taking the CATA Pledge you can help put an end to tragedies like this.  CATA Affiliate Companies can show traceability and transparency for the garments they sell.  Affiliates do business with consciousness and is mindful of how their products are made.  Take the Pledge 


You should Take the Pledge today....
Help CATA make fashion better, safer, cleaner and fair!

Photo Credits:  All Rana Plaza photos were taken from the internet.  We do not claim any copyright ownership and give full credit to the original photographers involved. 

Friday, April 17, 2015

CATA Explains the Link Between Obesity and Fashion

Who would have ever thought that your clothes could influence your weight.  CATA knows and our latest article in Hippocrates Health Institute, "Healing Our World," Magazine we explain how.

We're the experts; sharing knowledge, disclosing research, educating consumers and providing the solution is our commitment to you and your family.

We believe you have the right to know what's in your clothes and how those chemicals affect your health well being and life expectancy.

Recently,  we participated in One Spark Crowd funding.  

You can still help us secure the funding we need to continue our vital work by contributing $5, $20, $100 or whatever you can afford to our project #21882 at: 

Friday, April 10, 2015

CATA Organic Clothing Supporters at One Spark 2015!

We love our Voters and Supporters at One Spark 2015

We're sharing our fans and giving them all the credit at #Onespark 2015.
You can show your support by voting for our project #21882.  Donate. Contribute.  We're  working hard to create awareness about the toxic chemicals that are being manufactured in your clothes.
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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Organic Clothing: CATA at One Spark Crowdfunding

CATA's first day at One Spark!

Beautiful day today at 1st day of One Spark! come and visit our booth at the corner of 11 E. Forsyth & Main. You can't miss us.

                                                           There are over sixteen  CATA Affiliates:

 Visit our booth to learn more than you ever thought possible about toxic and disposable fashion!

 Organic Beds oh my..............

 Love our supporters!

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