Thursday, April 7, 2016

Organic Clothing Companies Choosing to be Part of "The Solution"

Now more than ever it's time for business to act with pure integrity and intention producing and creating products and services that respect not only the overall health and wellbeing of people but the environment as well. 

CATA-Consumers Against Toxic Apparel and PIV-Pure Integrity Verified Seal is committed to finding those companies and presenting them to the public through unique and outside the box methods. As visitors tour the Sustainable Wellness Home on April 23rd they will find several new textile sponsors to include: Farm Fresh Clothing Co, Eureka Hemp Clothing and Blue Fish Clothing to name a few.

As these companies display their clothing in the Wellness Home for visitors to see they will also participate in "The Solution" film documentary created by CATA Consumers Against Toxic Apparel and PIV Pure Integrity Verified.  

The film was created to bring consumers solutions to the everyday problems we face in regards to the toxic and hazardous chemicals we're being exposed to daily in our environment and especially our homes.   Toxic chemicals are being put in our food, clothes, personal care products, water and just about any product imaginable.  These chemicals serve the purpose of creating fillers, cheaping products and their production cost for big companies allowing them to gross higher corporate profit margins with no regard for human health, life or our environment.
There are hundreds of small companies around the country working with integrity and pure intentions to create healthy, sustainable products void of all the toxic and harmful chemicals.  "The Solution" film will show you who those companies are, interview experts in all industries providing answers and resources for those seeking a better lifestyle.
Help fund the film.  See our Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign, Donate and Contribute.  You can also become a referrer for the chance to win one of two amazing prize offers.  To learn more visit:

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