Monday, December 21, 2015

Organic Companies: Be Part of "The SOLUTION" and SUSTAINABLE WELLNESS HOME Project

Sustainable Wellness Home 

 Exciting news! It's official and long awaited, Consumers Against Toxic Apparel (CATA) and Sister Partner Organic Guru Lynnette Marie creator of The Pure Integrity Verified Seal and Author of Fuel for the Body will soon present the first LIVE HAPPY BE PURE Sustainable Wellness Home incorporating every aspect required to live a good, sustainable and healthy lifestyle.  So far only key elements of this notion have been addressed, marketed and written about but now we have taken each individual element and designed a home that reflects every component of living to  demonstrate just how easy it is to live a clean, healthy, organic and natural life void of many toxic chemicals and unhealthy habits.  The cottage  was renovated using LEED standards to include energy efficient appliances, hardwood floors, reclaimed glass, VOC paints, etc. and as you can see it's gorgeous!  Everything from the low flow shower head filtration system, to bedding, furniture, cleaning products, food and clothing will be showcased during our first open house January 23, 2016. 

Pardon the mess!  We're getting it all together.

 Of course the bathroom decor and colors are blue....

The house is filled with all natural components:  wood floors, low VOC paints, lots of light.

Over the past few months CATA has contacted many of you sharing our vision of uniting small organic clothing companies nationwide together on one platform;  asking you to join us as we tackle the business of increasing awareness, marketing, educating consumers and impacting the fast fashion industry using non traditional means and tactics that are outside the box while selling the products we all love to create.  The Sustainable Wellness Home is a prime example of our pioneering efforts and just the beginning of our war on fast fashion.   Fast fashion as we know it today is a huge multi trillion dollar industry and we believe it will take a united effort on behalf of all small slow and sustainable companies to take a stand and make a difference in this toxic,  disposable, consumption driven  industry.   No one company will be able to do it alone.  Are you ready to be part of the solution? In addition to the unique services we already provide affiliate companies, the Wellness Home is a wonderful marketing bonus.  Starting in January the home which is located about 50 miles from Branson, MO in one of the least polluted and cleanest geographical areas in the US- Eureka Springs, AR in the Ozark Mountains Region will open it's door for public tours.  At that time we will begin filming to create a documentary about how the project came to life and highlight all the companies involved.  May 2016 we will present a three day event: The LIVE HAPPY BE PURE Gala and Organic Festival where several prominent well known wellness, holistic speakers and sustainability advocates from around the country will speak. CATA will host a fashion show, showcasing all affiliate brands as part of the entertainment lineup. Vendor opportunities will also be available for any companies wanting to participate.  Hundreds of attendees will be shuttled from the Inn of the Ozarks Convention Center to tour the Wellness Home.  All three days of the Gala and Festival will be filmed as well.  The documentary will be  appropriately titled, "The Solution" LIVE HAPPY, BE PURE!
If you're not a CATA affiliate now's the time to join and  be apart  of  this groundbreaking opportunity as we raise the standards for innovative ideas and content marketing for slow fashion. Together, we can do this BIG.  As an affiliate pieces from your organic clothing line/collection will be showcased in the Wellness Home and viewed by thousands in addition to being included in the fashion show and film documentary. Every person who tours the home will also receive a brochure to include your company's information. Our goal is to show consumers just how easy it is to live a sustainable lifestyle by putting every piece of the puzzle together for them in a realistic home setting they can comfortably identify with and want.  Enough talk-we give them the solution.
But there's still more!
(coming soon)
  • Our new Radio Show:  The Liberty Beacon presents LIVE HAPPY BE PURE Program (aired weekly).
  • Web TV Show:  Conscious Consumer Network TV presents The LIVE HAPPY BE PURE Show with Organic Guru Lynnette Marie, Co-Host Patricia Davis
In addition, we have created two "Wellness Solution Package" Giveaways.  Each giveaway is valued at 2,500 to launch the radio and TV shows.  A second round of giveaways will occur mid-year and a grand finale giveaway will occur at the end of 2016 which will consist of an organic bed (a value of over 4,000 dollars).  Wow! We're excited.

Affiliates are encouraged to donate product in exchange for company being plugged on each show. Registration for the launch giveaways will occur over a three week period with the winner being announced the fourth week.  During that time frame companies donating will receive recognition weekly.  This type of advertising would cost a fortune but, it just another great benefit created just for you by CATA.

CATA is a little over a year and a half old, our success and the opportunities we have been able to implement for affiliate companies continues to grow. We were recently named and certified as Jacksonville's first Sustainable Workplace Destination allowing us to be the leader in our city and set the standard for other companies to follow.  We have much more planned.
We're committed to making the world a better place by changing the way consumers view fashion.  Are you? To learn more contact us at, or visit our blog:, please use the contact form on front page to see if your product qualifies.  You may also request a press kit.  Will you join us on this journey and Be Part of The Solution?  We hope so!

Oh! No sustainable home is complete until the chickens arrive.

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