Wednesday, February 17, 2016

2nd Sustainable Wellness Home Tour February 20th

CATA & Pure Integrity Verified Seal to host 2nd Sustainable Wellness Home Tour
Sustainable Wellness Home, Eureka, Springs, AR

We can't believe it's time for the next Sustainable Wellness Home Tour already.

Over 100 people are on our roster to visit the home this Saturday, February 20th.  Unlike the first tour in January where visitors had to brave freezing temperatures, ice and snow Saturday's forecast is lot's of sun, clear skies and temperatures in the 70's, the perfect weather to get out, come visit us, eat organic food prepared by International Organic Chef Cody as he demonstrates safe cookware, helpful appliances and much more in the kitchen.

Chef Cody's organic horderves will be delicious and divine!

We have some new products to demonstrate............

Home sponsors- Lodge Cast Iron Cookware and Cuisinart added some additions to the kitchen. 

Cuisinart small appliances are designed to save you time and use less energy.  Their food choppers and prep machines are the perfect tools to use when preparing raw foods, smoothies and juices.  They even offer a gorgeous line of lead free wine glasses to sip your favorite wine in. 

Did you know that cast iron cookware is one of the safest, most durable and long lasting cookware on the market?  The company practices sustainability all through their manufacturing process as you can see on their website:

There's new additions to the bedroom, zen room and all throughout the house.  We know you're going to love them.  These are easy additions you can make to your home and support sustainability.  We can't show it all!!!!!!!!! You gotta come to the open house.

And of course you'll see all the new organic clothing 
and textiles from participating sponsors too.

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