Monday, June 20, 2016

Toxic Clothing Contributing to Health Crisis | Clothes Don't Come With Warning Labels, But It Should!

Today's fast fashion is nothing but a bucket of toxic chemicals mixed together to create fabric for cheap disposable clothes.  

One garment can contain 8,000-12,000 toxic chemicals many of which the industry has no real idea of what their impact on our health may be.  Over 1,900 of these chemicals cannot be washed out of clothes.  The one's that can be washed out go down the drain to contaminate our ecosystem, water and soil.  Somehow when we're told a chemical can be washed out of a garment in our minds it makes it okay for it to be there in the first place and washing something down the drain magically makes it go away.  We must change this mindset-the chemicals are still hurting us as we depend on our ecosystem to sustain our lives.
These chemicals have not been tested, researched or analyzed to determine how their presence in our clothing affect our health through both short term and long term exposure.  Our skin is the largest organ on our bodies, it has the ability to absorb everything and anything it comes in contact with oftentimes penetrating deep into our bloodstream to cause harm to our health.
These toxic chemicals are silent killers. Sometimes, a person will have an immediate reaction to putting on a garment such as a burning sensation, uncontrollable itching, severe skin rashes, redness, vomiting, nausea, headaches and even dizziness.  When someone experiences this type of reaction and can associate the sickness to the garment they immediately begin to understand the negative impact and health threats of the clothing.  
Oftentimes, the danger is not so in your face but it's even more dangerous than the immediate signs as the negative effects build up over time and the chemicals are bioaccumulative.  Our clothes should not contain chemicals capable of harming our health period.  Yet, the toxic chemicals used to first create fabric and later treat fabrics can be linked to many chronic illnesses and diseases, many are also known carcinogens.  The following list is a very, very short list to include: 
Several of these chemicals can cause fatigue, muscle pain and depression as well.  There's something wrong with putting on your work clothes only to find yourself tired and feeling drained before you even get to work or experiencing feelings of depression when minutes before you were happy.  
Allowing our clothes to influence our life in such a negative way simply because you bought them at a bargain price should never be the case.  If clothing manufacturers were required to label all the chemicals used to not only create the fabric but finish the garment consumers could make more informed decisions in regards to if they wanted to expose their body or their children's body to these dangerous chemicals.  
Not labeling what chemicals are in our clothes is fraud on behalf of the fashion industry.  You have the right to know what's in your clothes.

Learn more about CATA Consumers Against Toxic Apparel-our goals-our mission.  We're working to keep you informed, safe and educated about the complexity of the textile industry, the things you should know and provide the solution.  We share research, data and current developments in the fashion industry keeping you up to date on technological developments. We connect you with resources for affordable, stylish organic and natural clothing in organic cotton, hemp, linen, organic hemp, peace silk, wool, and blends.  Organic and natural fibres are not filled with the toxic chemicals synthetic and man made fibres are created and filled with.  They feel more natural on your skin and to touch.  Natural fibres offer a sense of being connected to nature as we use nature to cover our bodies.

Be  aware of:

  • Recycled plastic bottles into fashion.
  • 3D printed garments.
  • Stain repelling garments.
  • Odor absorbing garments.
  • Bio Fascination technology.
  • Sensory (garments that release fragrance) fashion.
  • NANO TECHNOLOGY  created fabric.
CATA is the co creator of the Sustainable Wellness Home Tour-Gala & Organic Festival, the textile verifier for PIV Pure Integrity Verified Seal, Jacksonville's first Sustainable Workplace Destination company obtaining 4 Leaf accreditation awarded by the Green Team Project and sister company to Silver Needle & Thread Custom Sewing Company specializing in organic and natural hand sewn apparel and design.
If you would like to know more visit this link: CATA.
Don't spend your money on clothes designed to make you sick.  You may not want to spend your dollars on quality fashion but eventually you will spend them on doctors and big pharmaceutical meds.  The choice is yours.....

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