Thursday, June 21, 2018

Organic Cotton from start to finish

It starts out as a seed popping it's head through the soil, reaching for the sunshine.....
naturally, without the use of any toxic chemical or fertilizer,
but it ends up creating beautiful threads to create your clothes.

At CATA we support the ongoing efforts and hard work of  the 
(Photos by: Kayla Pepper-CATA granted use)

Efficient bailing of cotton-protected from the weather until it can be delivered to the gin for processing and seed separation. 

After many steps it's turned into threads, then weaved into fabric and sewn into beautiful, chemical free clothes-sustainably!  All while supporting and nurturing Mother Earth.  Why would anyone want it to happen any other way?

Who Said Organic Clothes Were Boring?

Geometric Organic Cotton Interlocking Knit

We love this organic cotton interlocking knit created by Harmony Art Design.

It's colorful, sassy, flirty and everything but boring.

Keep It Natural, Keep It Simple, Keep It Organic

Organic and Natural fibre clothing is safe, sustainable and fashionable.

Organic Cotton Twill Dress
Organic Cotton Sateen Dress

Organic Cotton Muslin Dress

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Hand Crafted Means Something

Hand Crafted Means Something!

In today's hustle & bustle society taking the time to hand craft products can not only be rewarding in the creation of a special item but it can also help relieve anxiety, depression and a host of negative emotions.

If you have a talent or skill whether it be knitting, sewing, painting, pottery, jewelry making,  furniture building/restoration, metal working, gardening, etc. embrace it and enjoy doing it-it may just help save your life, give you peace of mind or help you overcome an illness.

Let's go back to the basic "little joys of life," cause the BIG joys of life-keeping up with the Jones, being politically correct or conformity is killing us......

Choose joy and peace wisely, create beauty with your hands and live well!

We are.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Dressing Babies in Safe, Pure & Natural Organic Cotton

Dressing your baby in safe, clean and sustainable organic cotton fabric is the right move to give you child a healthy start in life.

It simply does not matter if you choose to purchase chemical free baby clothes from a small conscientious  and integrity base company or have them custom sewn, what matters is the fact that you are choosing safe, toxic free clothes to start your baby's life in the best possible way.

At affiliate Silver Needle & Thread they custom sew an array of organic cotton clothes in the colors of your choice and design.  What a fun way to dress your newborn and infant.

Organic cotton voile 
Organic cotton gown, burping cloth and hat.

Organic cotton hooded towel set.
Learn more about Silver Needle & Thread

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Organic Clothing is the Future of Fashion

Let's Face It.

Synthetic fibers and fabrics are made up of petrochemicals.  Fashion made from these fabrics are toxic to human health and detrimental to our environment.  There's no future in a business model like that...

Why are they so popular?

The answer is simple.  Greed.  It's cheap to produce and the ROI (return on investment) for fast fashion brands is huge and at the end of the day, nothing matters but the profit to these companies.  

How can you make a difference?

Shop small organic, eco-friendly clothing companies offering clothes made using sustainable. organic and natural fibres.  Companies that are humanity plus, taking into consideration the effects their products have on human life and the environment.  Working to add value to our lives instead of taking it away, harming our health or destroying the environment, country, city, community in which we live. 

See some of our favorites below:
CATA Spokesperson Elizabeth Tran wearing a 100% organic cotton knit navy and white custom sewn dress by
affiliate Silver Needle & Thread

Blue Fish Clothing is made in the USA using organic cotton, linen and other natural fibres

Farm Fresh Clothing Company makes organic cotton T shirts in the USA

Maggie's Organics makes organic cotton clothes

CATA Consumers Against Toxic Apparel creates awareness and educates consumers about the hidden dangers 
of the consumption and use of  synthetic, toxic clothing.  Learn more: