Thursday, September 21, 2017

Hand Crafted Means Something

Hand Crafted Means Something!

In today's hustle & bustle society taking the time to hand craft products can not only be rewarding in the creation of a special item but it can also help relieve anxiety, depression and a host of negative emotions.

If you have a talent or skill whether it be knitting, sewing, painting, pottery, jewelry making,  furniture building/restoration, metal working, gardening, etc. embrace it and enjoy doing it-it may just help save your life, give you peace of mind or help you overcome an illness.

Let's go back to the basic "little joys of life," cause the BIG joys of life-keeping up with the Jones, being politically correct or conformity is killing us......

Choose joy and peace wisely, create beauty with your hands and live well!

We are.

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