Saturday, June 14, 2014

SOS from Texas Growing Certified Organic Cotton Since 1992

Organic cotton farm SOS from Texas is certified by the 
Texas Department of Agriculture.

SOS t-shirts are made from organic cotton grown on our certified organic farms. We have been certified organic by the Texas Department of Agriculture since 1992. This certification information is provided with our products to show our authenticity. We are finding organic products in the market with very vague organic credentials. U.S. Organic Standards require a 3 year chemical free farming period before being allowed to be "certified organic."
(Excerpt taken from SOS official website with permission)

Beautiful organic cotton that's pesticide and  herbicide free grown to nurture the land.

    When you take the CATA pledge you will save 10% 
Support USA cotton farmers
Protect the health of farm workers across the country
                       Help reduce the acreage of soil depleting conventional cotton farming that's affecting                                                   climate change.                                 

Growing clean cotton and manufacturing clean clothes is the right thing to do!
SOS is doing it. 
CATA is honored to be a partner and connect conscious consumers with this family owned company.

Wear The Change Wear Organic

(Note:  All photos are owned by SOS from Texas copyright reserved.)

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