Sunday, September 7, 2014

CATA a Member of Jay Fant Business Leaders Coalition Group

In an industry (fashion) where consumers believe size matters and the only products worth buying are the one's advertised by big companies (brands) in the media.... "CATA" is working to join small organic apparel companies together, creating one resource to serve the needs of conscious consumers across America.

Taxes, regulation and big government holds small businesses back from realizing their full potential.
As part of the Jay Fant Business Leaders Coalition Group we believe we have a voice.  "CATA" Consumers Against Toxic Apparel, LLC  goal is to set the precedence for organic, clean, safe and sustainable fashion with the support of many small companies making a difference in one BIG industry.
Business Leaders Coalition

CATA, is a community of businesses putting consciousness and integrity first....
over profits.

Join "CATA" and become a Member
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