Saturday, June 27, 2015

Sharing a Vision for Sustainable Fashion: CATA & Sass Brown

Sass Brown is Acting Associate Dean for the School of Art and Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York.

When it comes to sustainable fashion no one is more active in promoting the benefits than Sass. 
She has published papers, spoken, taught and advised women’s cooperatives, educational institutions, governmental agencies, NGO’s, SME’s and the creative industries in Brazil, Peru, Columbia, Chile, Sri Lanka, Korea, China, Italy, France, US, Canada and the UK, on the topic of sustainable design.

Sass has created a page on her Eco Fashion Talk Website dedicated to CATA 
 in an effort to connect more consumers to our movement. 

Resource Directory: An Advanced
search tool that lets you discover
eco fashion on your own terms

See her latest book, " REFASHIONED"

The area of recycling and upcycling is a rich and growing source of innovative design in the fashion and accessories industries. In a fast-fashion world of throw-away clothing, it is the ultimate expression of the slow-fashion movement

Learn more about Sass Brown at:


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