Friday, January 8, 2016

CATA and Pure Integrity Verified Seal provides "The Solution" for a More Sustainable Lifestyle

We've joined forces to present the first LIVE HAPPY. BE PURE! Sustainable Wellness Home.  The home will open for public tours January 23rd and every month thereafter leading up to the LIVE HAPPY. BE PURE! Gala & Organic Festival.

The home is located in Eureka Springs, AR just fifty miles south of Branson, MO nestled in one of the cleanest geographical areas in the US; the Ozark Mountain Region, where rolling hills, open pastures, mountains and clean air are in abundance.

The home will be completely decorated to be sustainable, organic and natural.  The house itself was recently renovated following green home building standards. The interior design of the home will include every aspect of sustainability possible.  Everything from water filtration, organic bedding, organic clothing, cookware, china, glassware, cleaning products, EFM diffusers to organic food will be displayed and demonstrated in the home that's scheduled to open for public tours January 23rd. The home will hosts tours and events leading up to the GALA & Organic Festival scheduled to take place May 6-8 at the Inn of  The Ozarks Convention Center where the three day event will shuttle hundreds of attendees back and forth to tour the home  for show and tell

It's' time for change;  real positive change!  The health crisis numbers for chronic illness and disease is at an all time high in the US.  Michael Pollan's new film, "In Defense of Food" just released on PBS is a great example of just how severe the problem has become.  Everyday, news is being reported about the dangers associated with many products we use in our daily lives, toxic chemicals, inferior food that's making us sick and the list goes on.  Penelope Jagessar Chaffer, the creator of the documentary "Toxic Baby," explores just how toxic our society has become.  The EWG Environmental Working Group produced the film "10 Americans" exposing the crisis associated with personal care products and the need for tighter government regulations on chemicals and their use.  "True Cost" is a film documentary produced by Andrew Morgan exposing the true cost behind cheap disposable fashion while showing what goes on behind the scenes of the fashion industry which is the 2nd largest polluter on the planet. The suspenseful and informative film "Consumed" written and produced by actress  Zoe Lister-Jones and starring Danny Glover is a dramatic thriller exploring the complex world of GMO's (Genetically Modified Food).

Going back to the basics, demanding better (not more), asking questions, taking our lives and wellbeing in our own hands and supporting companies working to do the right thing is where we begin to take control of our own destinies.   This is an exciting time for humanity and a turning point is on the horizon.

If part of your New Year's Resolution is to eat healthier,  take better care of yourself, reduce your carbon footprint, support small business and be connected to the things you use, you're already on the right track to being sustainably responsible.  At the end of the day it all comes down to what are "you" willing to be responsible for.......

Stay with us, there's much more to come.  The website will go live in the next few days where speakers will be announced, participating companies disclosed, planned activities shared and much more.
We wish you a Happy Healthy New Year as we want you to be part of "The Solution" and to LIVE HAPPY. BE PURE!

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