Thursday, February 25, 2016

Speakers for the LIVE HAPPY. BE PURE! Gala & Organic Festival

LIVE HAPPY. BE PURE! Gala & Organic Festival

WOW!  Listen to experts from around the country speak on subjects covering sustainability, organic farming, natural healing, exercise, health, organic clothing, toxic chemicals in our lives, healthy cooking, clean water and more during the Gala & Organic Festival, May 6-8 at the Inn of The Ozarks Convention Center, Eureka Springs, AR.

The event is presented by Fuel for The Body and hosted by CATA Consumers Against Toxic Apparel & Pure Integrity Verified Seal.  

*Alok-Fed by Threads*Patrice-USDA Certified Organic Farmer*Elizabeth-US Miss Earth Eco
*Dr.  Jenna-Holistic Kidney *Debra-Host of  Toxic Free  Talk  Radio *Macy-PhDc 
*Chef Coty-International Organic Chef  *Patricia-Consumers Against Toxic Apparel
*Raffi-Rosicrucian and Hermetic Medicine Scholar *Darryl-Real Salt Spokesperson
*Lynnette-Organic Guru and Pure Integrity Verified *Jorge-Natura SMA  *David-Survivor
*Dr. V-Breast Cancer Conqueror *Donovan-Personal Trainer to Dr. Oz *Mike-Economist and Master Gardener.

In conjunction with the Sustainable  Wellness Home  Tours the Gala  &  Festival   will   serve  as  the   finale  for  a  five  month project  of creating  awareness,  educating, showing  and telling visitors of the home and festival how to  live a  more sustainable life by maintain better health and being  more  conscious  of the products and services we use to respect the environment. 

Companies from around the country meeting the strict guidelines of CATA and PIV are represented in the home and hundreds of vendors will be represented during the festival as we bring you, "The SOLUTION."

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