Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Cheap Disposable Fast Fashion Devalues Personal Self Worth

There's nothing more uplifting than being able to celebrate YOU!
Your uniqueness.
Your happiness.
All the things that make you who YOU are!
For hundreds of years our clothes gave us the ability to create our own self worth in a small yet significant way. 

Unfortunately, we're living in a world fueled by globalization, international markets and the centralization of production, manufacturing and raw material sourcing; making it difficult for small clothing companies seeking to design and create more personalized products that connect buyers to sustainable and conscious purchasing.  The well known brands of the fast fashion industry is the driving force of this truth.

The goal of mass produced fast fashion is to fit everyone into a giant square box, fostering the notion that we should all look the same, fit within the same standardized size category, wear only the colors we're told to and when or risk being put on the National Fashion Bandit List.  To step outside the parameters. be conscious of SELF and express personal style is to open one self to being ridiculed and ostracized  by friends, family and even strangers.  Often being called old fashioned, out of time, boring, nonconforming, over the top, insane or described using the infamous sentence, "What was she thinking."

In a society where we put little effort into really dressing well (really) it's ironic just how much people are judged on their image. Being stylish and ON TREND plays out in our everyday lives in all facets of who we are and what we do.  Despite the fact that what's viewed at the time as stylish and trendy is a fashion catastrophe and disaster in itself.  But, because it's what we're told to wear by the powers that be no one seems to question it much and society just comply like robots.  As a result of  follow the leader, women dress in garments that are demeaning, non age appropriate, incorrectly sized, uncomfortable, made using inferior low quality synthetic fabrics they hate and can't wait to toss out only after a couple of wears. No wonder the landfills are piling up around us worldwide.

Expressing self worth and personal style require time, creativity, investment and standards that have existed for centuries. There's just certain facts about dressing well and expressing one's personality in an intimate way through our clothes that will never change. When a woman dresses well to express her personality you can see it in her eyes, the way she walks and how she carries herself.  Big fashion brands churning out poorly constructed, color restricted, size prohibited garments using the cheapest and lowest quality fabrics they can create will never be able to compete with a woman who chooses to uphold her personal SELF WORTH and dress well.  

Oftentimes, doing what's right for you is never what's right for others....that's the beauty and uniqueness of you being YOU! Are you up for the challenge?  

  • What's your favorite color and how often do you wear it?  Can you find it in the retail stores?
  • What's your body style?  Are you a Triangle, Pear, Inverted Triangle, Diamond, Circle or Hourglass?
  • What's your favorite fabric and why?
  • How long have you been looking for a garment but has never found it?
  • Are you a different size on top and bottom?
  • If you were granted three fashion wishes what would they be?  Why?

At CATA Consumers Against Toxic Apparel we encourage you to buy natural and organic fibre clothing (it makes you feel good and keeps you comfortable), seek small companies creating well constructed garments that are stylish-unique and may have a personal story, create a style or trend that's right for you and compliments your personality, invest in quality, be sustainable and LOVE YOUR CLOTHES!

To learn more about us visit:https://www.facebook.com/cataorganic.

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