Monday, July 7, 2014

CATA Fashion: The Overall Style with Fed By Threads Organics

Organic "Kimberly" Jumper found on Fed By Threads Organics

You'll love the "Overall" style with Feb By Threads Organics. The Organic "Kimberly" Jumper is a 100% Hemp-Organic Cotton Blend and Vegan. Overalls are a wardrobe staple and this short style is great for Summer. Wear it with a cami, tanktop, chic French striped shirt, or layer with a printed t-shirt and a fun cardigan. The style possibilities are endless with the Overall style!

 Printed T Styles with Fed By Threads

Organic "Locally Grown" Women's T found on Fed By Threads

Organic "Happy Feminists" T found on Fed By Threads

Organic "Ganesh" Tanktop found on Fed By Threads


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