Thursday, January 15, 2015

Predicted Fashion for The Future is Dangerous: Wear Organic Clothing

Here's validation to prove what we've been telling you.

This all sounds great but wait what are the health risks? Our bodies were not designed to house electricity, electromagnetic frequencies, plasma formulations, or properties that have the ability to enter our blood stream upon touch. I wonder what will be the life span of people who wear this fashion? The real question is why are they being produced to begin with when Mother Nature has provided so many resources to clothe us? This feels like a future where there will be no plants, trees or life as we know to live by. Not one I want to see, experience or live in. Think about it............ What are they preparing for? Will there be that many handicap people that a market can be created for clothes to assist-where will other people be for that human connection? Creating clothes that you don't need to wash-what would have happened to water? If our clothes are implementable and indestructible what are they protecting us from and in an effort to protect us how are will our bodies breathe and function? EVERYTHING man has created has resulted in avenues being opened to destroy man. It may all sound COOL but this one is really scary! Avoid the hype.

What's The Alternative?

  • Organic Clothing

  • Natural fibers

  • Purchase clean, safe toxic and chemical free clothing only.

CATA provides a resource of organic clothing companies in the USA providing organic cotton clothes, hemp, linen, natural fiber , sustainable and eco friendly apparel.  Become a CATA member and REJECT  the fashion of the Future as explained in this video.

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