Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Wear Organic Clothing: The Dark Reality of Cheap Fashion Inside Cambodia

The cold reality of devastating practices widely used in the 
textile industry to employ cheap labor.

 When your clothes are made this way; they can be cheap. Are you willing to pay for the slavery and exploitation of women? This inside video of Cambodia's garment manufacturing realities is a bit hard to watch but something anyone who wears clothes should see.

What's the alternative you ask?  

  • Know where your clothes are made by simply reading the label and refuse to purchase garments made in countries that employ slavery tactics, do not pay living wages, house factories in unsafe buildings, lock workers inside facilities, use fear tactics to force long hours and force people to work against their will.

  • Shop small companies committed to integrity over profits and consciousness in manufacturing.

  • Look for companies who are willing and eager to show transparency in their supply chain.  Many organic clothing companies publicly post their stories on their websites for everyone to read.  Many are doing some very positive things in an effort to clean up the dirty business of fashion as we know it.

  • Buy organic clothing and support fair trade living wage pay,chemical and toxic free environments to work in, artisan crafts where creators and makers have names and faces, and a sustainable way of life.

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