Saturday, February 28, 2015

An Organic Clothing Collaboration-Pure Integrity Verified Seal & CATA-Consumers Against Toxic Apparel

Consumers Against Toxic Apparel is happy to announce an organic textile collaboration with Lynette Marie the Organic Guru.  Lynette is the Creator of The Pure Integrity Verified Seal,  Author of Fuel for the Body and Founder of the Yes T.O.U.R.


What does this collaboration mean and why it's important?

By joining together we can bring greater awareness to millions of consumers around the globe. Consumers focused on changing their lifestyles have a combined resource for information not only about food, nutrition, personal care, health care; but now clothes.  We're making it easy for you to find the answers to all your organic questions, provide factual data and most importantly offer alternatives, empowering you to make changes today and be part of the solution.

The Pure Integrity Verified Seal will now include textiles.  Our goals and missions are the same. Together we can and will make a difference in many lives; giving consumers the information they need to make informed decisions.

CATA will continue to provide the resources for organic clothing companies and the discounts, smaller companies within CATA can now choose to become Pure Integrity Verified this is yet another way of setting them selves apart from companies outside CATA.  The guidelines are strict because protecting you and your health is serious business.

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Organic Guru Lynnette Marie:  Author, Medicine Woman, Minister for the Environment, and YOUR voice for pure food and health freedoms..  A ‘Patient Expert’, in which she was named by Dr. Ramah Wagner, national speaker and chiropractor. Lynnette studied under the direction of Dr. Ramah Wagner and Dr. Debra Clarke; Acupuncture Therapist of Florida. She has helped heal thousands of people around the world.

Lynnette Marie is YOUR pure health activist and takes your voice around the world demanding a toxic free planet!  You can finally shop with confidence in knowing you are purchasing from  PURE companies.  Lynnette and her team say YES!  YES to clean food, YES to clean water & YES to clean air!

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