Monday, February 23, 2015

Exposing the Dangers of Toxic Apparel - A Tough Road

The Chemicals in our Clothes are Dangerous!

When we started this journey to expose the dangers of toxic apparel we knew it would be a tough road. We didn't know the exact challenges we would face but realized there would be many. It's hard for many to believe that companies would manufacture chemicals in our clothes that could harm us; especially our children, our babies.

 After only 8 months of launching our company we're so happy to see the list growing daily of believers and supporters. Just to give you an idea of where our information comes from we attached a link to a very comprehensive and detailed study from Sweden. This is just one of many that are conducted in the UK, Germany, European Union and others-except the USA. We find it odd that the US is so far behind on the things that matter. Important things that affect our lives and the planet in profound and devastating ways. One has to ask--do corporations, brands and industry want Americans to know the truth? 

We must warn you the report is massive but so is the problem of chemicals in our clothes.  If you care and we sincerely hope you do that's lots to learn just by reading the facts.

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