Saturday, January 23, 2016

Sustainable Wellness Home Tour Phenomenal Success | Organic Food-Clothing-More

Wow! Our first public tour of the Sustainable Wellness Home was a phenomenal success. 

Over fifty  people attended  braving  the  ice  and  snow.     Due  to   the    weather   much  expected inventory  did  not  arrive  in  time  for our  tour  today.  We  didn't  let  that  stop  us!  We were   so busy  walking  people through the home and interviewing with local papers we forgot to  stop   and take more photos of the crowds.   As  you  can   imagine  everyone  had   lots   of  questions.    Pure Integrity Verified  Seal and Consumers Against Toxic Apparel  is on  a mission to show consumers just  how easy it is to live a sustainable life.  We're bringing you "The Solution."

Below we're sharing photos from our first open house tour. 
See just how much fun we had.  

Organic Chef Cody attended culinary school in Lyon, France

Everyone's  talking  about  organic,  sustainability  and  living  green  in bits  and pieces.  We've brought it all together, just for you.  The lifestyle is far from being boring, ugly, tasteless and all the other labels you often here to describe  living  healthy, clean, being kind to the environment, conscious and  mindful  of  the products  you use, the  food you  eat and how  it all  affects other people.  

We will be setting the date for February's tour soon.  Stay with us and follow the progress..........

Our organic cotton table was a hit.  People had the opportunity to see, touch and feel organic cotton supplied by the Texas Organic Cotton Marketing Cooperative.  Color grown cotton in beige, green and brown was supplied by FoxFibre a CATA affiliate company.

Organic clothes in all the right places

Organic undies, socks, t-shirts, silk scarves and more

Organic sectional by CATA affiliate Mountain Air Organic Beds

Cupboards are filled to the edge with organic goodness

Next tour date is February 27th.  
Stay with us and follow the progress..........
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