Monday, January 18, 2016

Tour Sustainable Wellness Home | See Organic Clothing | CATA

As many of you know CATA and Sister Partner Pure Integrity Verified have teamed up to bring you some amazing events in 2016 as we encourage you all to LIVE HAPPY. BE PURE!


 What are these events?

  • The Sustainable Wellness Home opens to the public for monthly tours on January 23rd in Eureka Springs, AR where consumers will have the opportunity to see first hand what it means to live sustainably and how easy it is to implement much of what they see into their own homes and lifestyle.
    Eureka Springs, AR is a progressive town nestled in the Ozark Mountains Region
    It's home to artists, craftsman, foodies, organic farms, historical landmarks and much more

    Ozark Mountain Region
    One of the cleanest geographical areas in the USA

  • The LIVE HAPPY. BE PURE! Black Tie Gala scheduled to take place May 6th where keynote speakers from around the country will converge on Eureka Springs, AR for 3 days of all things natural and organic.  There will be a silent auction, entertainment, organic fashion show, an organic menu, juice bar, lots of mingling and ten special vendors.  
          The   Gala  will  take  place  at  the  beautiful Country  Club of  Holiday  Island  and  is  the 
          official kickoff to the 2-day Organic Festival.                       

                                             Beautiful aerial shot of Holiday Island
                                                       Past Gala

  • 2 Day Organic Festival  will take place at The Inn of The Ozarks, Best Western Convention Center in downtown Eureka Springs.  During the Festival over sixteen speakers will be sharing new developments and their expertise with those attending. There will be hundreds of vendors showcasing sustainable, organic and natural products, lots of organic food to taste, organic farmers to visit and plenty of ideas to take home.

Past Vendor
Past Vendor

  • Filming the documentary titled, "The Solution." The documentary will tell our story of how it all began, the growth of the movement and what we hope to accomplish while providing all the resources, information and techniques you need to live sustainably.  No longer will we beg and beg big corporate America to do the right thing-produce products that are safe, made to last, healthy and good for the planet.  There are hundreds of small, special niche' companies around the country that are and have been doing it on their own without recognition.  We are recognizing those companies and sharing them with you.  

The Cottage style Sustainable Wellness Home

Inside the Wellness Home an Antique Wardrobe will showcase organic clothing
This closet will be filled with fashionable and stylish organic clothing

Want to sponsor the Wellness Home?  Support the Gala and Silent Auction?  Become a Vendor?
Be part of the Solution?
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